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Thank you for viewing our website. My name is Gregory Ganster, CPA, and my wife, Linda Ganster, is an Attorney*.  Linda is also a Real Estate Broker. We established our tax and accounting business in 1996, and our professional tax experience began in 1990.  

We strive to give our clients the most benefit for their fee, which normally consists of us preparing the tax return at an interactive meeting with the client. By establishing a dialogue, asking questions, and listening, we are often able to find deductions that would otherwise be overlooked.  More times than not, we can save you enough money to pay our fee.

Most CPA firms ask the client to drop off the information for their tax return, and then the return is prepared by back-room office personnel, from a questionnaire filled out by the client. There is little or no interaction, and the tax return may or may not be reviewed by a CPA before it is handed back to the client, usually with a hefty fee.

The large national tax services prepare the tax return in front of the client, but there is no guarantee that the taxpreparer will be competent or experienced, or that you will get the same one next year. Generally, the office is not open year-round and no one from the office is available for questions after the tax season. The fee is usually higher also.

We offer a better and more reasonably priced alternative to either of the above scenarios. Our fee starts at $95 for Form 1040-EZ, which reflects a $20 discount for new clients. For a Form 1040 with Itemized Deductions, we offer a special price of $160 for first-time clients, which reflects a discount of $40 off of our regular low price. This price includes up to a one-hour appointment. We can normally complete the Federal and Illinois 1040s, Itemized Deductions on Schedule A, and a few other items within the hour. We do not charge by the form. However, there is an additional charge for extra time, Obamacare calculations, or more complex issues. We also offer free electronic filing for all returns. To assist our families, we will prepare your child’s simple dependent return for $35 (limitations apply).

Since we are a family-owned business, we take pride in our customer service and appreciate every one of our clients. Each of our taxpreparers is registered with the IRS and has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and fifteen year’s experience, including two CPA’s and one Attorney. Please give us a call or an email if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. Please view our checklists and other items that may be useful to you on the website. Also, ask us about our Referral Discounts, you can receive up to $40 off for every new client you send us. 

Our security procedures include a secure web portal to transfer sensitive documents, a HIPPA compliant fax (the same as medical offices and hospitals must use), password-protection on all documents sent, ADT alarm system and two-step verification on email account.

In preparation for the tax season, we each attended five full days of IRS accredited seminars to keep abreast of the latest changes in the tax laws. Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Greg and Linda Ganster


* Disclosure:  Linda Ganster, a licensed Illinois attorney, is an owner of Glinda Company, Inc. 

* Disclaimer:  Linda Ganster is an employee of Glinda Company, Inc., and acts in the capacity of a tax preparer during the tax appointment. Time will not allow for a legal consultation during the tax appointment. Linda may be reached at her separate company, Linda Ganster, Ltd. at 630-766-4322 to discuss any legal matters. No attorney-client relationship shall arise from any information contained in this letter without a written agreement signed by both the client and the attorney. This is advertising material and not intended to be solicitation nor legal advice. The use of Internet e-mail for confidential or sensitive information is discouraged as it can violate any attorney client confidentiality. Always consult an independent attorney before acting.


Glinda Company specializes in accounting and tax preparation services for a wide variety of clients, at a reasonable price.
tax return filing and tax planning for individuals

  • corporate and partnership tax return filing
  • full monthly or quarterly accounting, including financials
  • low-cost bookkeeping by summarizing expenses on Excel
  • sales tax and franchise tax
  • estate and trust tax returns and accounting

We are always happy to answer a brief question or two as a complementary service.  However, more involved issues, including tax planning, rise to the level of a consultation, for which a fee is expected.

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Visit the "Contact" page for information regarding how to reach us via telephone, fax, e-mail or mail.  Feel free to contact the office anytime.  We look forward to hearing from you.